My First Character Creation

This is my first attempt at creating a character of a minion and below is the reference image that I have used to create the minion:

Reference - minion

The above image came from the website below:

Below are the following tutorials that I used to create the textures:

For the below character, I used both both diffuse and specular map apart from the gloves which I only used a diffuse map.

For this type of character, I have created all of the following objects separately below that went with the minion:

  • Hair
  • Goggles
  • All body parts such as eyelids, eyeballs, teeth and tongue
  • All of the clothing

I used the sculpting tools in Maya to shape the eyes.

Below are couple of screenshots of a minion character:

Screenshot of minion - 1


Screenshot of minion - 2

Below is a link to the 3D model that I created and uploaded, the model itself has more shine than the model that was created in Maya:

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